Free American Magazine July 2014
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Table of Contents July  2014 - 15th  edition
Publisher’s Column                        Page 2
Can We the People Save America from Destruction?    
Table of Contents                           Page 2
American Street Gangs are  Big Business.                Page 7
H.R. 2015 is misleadingly                      Page 9
Fire sale on a used-up planet                    Page 10
Child Porn “Epidemic” Among Pentagon Official            Page 12
SIR (Chevalier) Leonard G. Horowitz - NOT! The Truth EXPOSED!!!     Page 14
U.S. Supreme Court Marching in Lockstep with the Police State      Page 16
Did Israel Just Start World War III?                    Page 19
The UN Is Positioning to Lock Down the US                Page 20\
Misassigning Blame for Immigration Crisis                Page 24
ORIGIN OF THE WORD “JEW”                    Page 26
Underage Illegal Immigrants: 5  Key Facts on Rights and Costs     Page 27
3 Immigration Headaches While Congress Sits on Decision        Page 29
Update on the situation in Arizona From: “Sheriff Joe Arpaio”      Page 30
9/11 Hokum: Deconstructing  Christopher Bollyn and Steve Jones    Page 31
6 Months of Legal Marijuana And Colorado
Has More Cash And Less Crime                    Page 35
The Quest to Free Up Free Energy                    Page 36
The Behavior of Barbarians   

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Free American Magazine July 2014

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