One Bloody Alabaster Eye
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One Bloody
Alabaster Eye


Clayton R. Douglas

Written in the style of and as a tribute to a great Author, John D. MacDonald, by Clayton R. Douglas in the late 1900s, this first book in the Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter series may even surpass MacDonald's Travis McGee character in complexity and dimension. It was written originally in the late nineties and a future sequence added a few years before 9-11-2001. The future world of Trevor Cameron Hamilton seemed at the time almost like science fiction to all but Mr. Douglas, who as publisher of the Free American Magazine saw so many clues in articles and stories of current events and history that this frightening glimpse into the future was his way of warning today's readers in hopes that an aware majority of Christian Americans might somehow be able to influence his dire vision and prevent such a future from occurring.

This is the only novel in this series that contains this unique format. But readers of this series in the future will walk with Trevor Cameron through the pages of recent history, rub shoulders with real politicians, world leaders, soldiers, spies, bankers, and ordinary people in fictional settings and situations. You will see current events from a new viewpoint and in reading these fiction novels gain a new insight into events unfolding tomorrow.

" One Bloody Alabaster Eye" marks a transition point in one man's life, from a businessman to an avenger. From a landlubber to a lover of the ocean. From a naïve American to a man with a greater understanding about the nature and the viciousness of the world we live in. His adventure begins in the Colorado Rockies and takes him all the way to the Florida Keys.

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One Bloody Alabaster Eye

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